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Rivian unveils new models R2 and R3 / R3X

23 Mar 2024

US carmaker Rivian, which is also going to the European market, was previously considered as a second Tesla. Now, it is looking to secure its future with the cheaper Rivian R2 and Rivian R3 / R3X electric cars to compete with Tesla.

Rivian's long-announced smaller and more affordable electric SUV to take on last year's best-selling car, the Tesla Model Y, has been eagerly anticipated. That car is the Rivian R2 midsize electric SUV. But the company surprised with the introduction of not only that, but also a more compact and affordable electric crossover, the Rivian R3, including a R3X version.


The new models grow on an all-new e-platform that uses high-pressure die casting or structural battery units. This confirms Rivian's reputation as a company that likes to take inspiration from Tesla and use its former employees.


Rivian R2 and Rivian R3 are classified as mid-range. However, the R3 is more compact than the R2. Both models will be available with rear-drive, two electric motors or three electric motors (two of which are in the rear), similar to the Tesla Cybertruck. The most powerful configuration will accelerate from 0 to 60 mph (97 km/h) in less than 3 seconds.


The Rivian R2 and Rivian R3 electric cars will be equipped with Tesla's charging connector. A price starting around $45,000 (€41,000) excluding VAT has been announced for the R2 model. The R3 will be cheaper than the R2. Deliveries of the R2 will begin in the first half of 2026, followed by the R3. Both new EVs will also be available in international markets. The R2 has already been confirmed for Europe.


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